Tweets About Death

Here at LTIL, we’ve often explored the way the Internet is shaping the places where we live, and the way we live in those places–how we build friendships, how we deal without Internet, and even how we conceive of place and identity entirely. How does it shape our relationship with death, though?

Founding editor Paul Bisceglio covers that story over at

Death is not like in the movies, with last words and your life flashing before your eyes. It is really sort of boring. It’s normal and it happens to everybody . . . The point, I believe, is not that we should just be talking about death or tweeting about it [for its own sake], but that a fuller awareness of one’s death makes life more meaningful. The best use of the technology is to share stories and to reach out to other people in real time. Death is one of the few universals that we have. It brings us together.