Changes in the Land

Welcome back!

After two Wednesdays off, we’re getting back to the old routine this morning, with some subtle shifts. You’ll notice the “Search” bar above, as well as a new link that will take you to a random story from our archives–a great thing to do when you’re looking for some quick, good reading. We will also be publishing more frequently, with shorter blog posts appearing throughout the week, and one longer piece really worth your attention on Wednesdays.

That story this week is by Andrew, whose experiences as an Eagle Scout–hiking through the land, camping on it, and above all, building fires–helped form his identity. Now, though, the BSA’s treatment of openly gay scout Ryan Andresen has him wondering how much longer it will be “Until We’re Eagles All.”

One of our regular contributors also got some big news during our break: Mara Miller is now an associate editor over at Women’s Health. Congrats, Mara!

Go read Andrew’s piece, and then let us know what you think of the changes!