Tweets About Death

Here at LTIL, we’ve often explored the way the Internet is shaping the places where we live, and the way we live in those places–how we build friendships, how we deal without Internet, and even how we conceive of place and identity…

Peruvian speakers of Quechuan, a language used primarily in the Andes that incorporates ejective consonants. Photo courtesy of Flickr user Nyall & Maryanne

Does Geogaphy Change the Sounds We Make?

Boyce and I are catching up on our blogging after a little time away for other projects, and here’s a great study to file under “real life science that actually proves some of this fluffy theoretical stuff we babble about…

Photo by ER Post

To Boldly Go

A few minutes into the new Star Trek movie, I had to stifle a giggle. Jim Kirk, captain of a space vessel capable of blipping straight across the galaxy, pulls out his “communicator,” a far-future version of the cell phone. And it…

Brad in Brooklyn

Well, it’s taken me a week or so, but I finally heard “Accidental Racist.” Maybe that’s because I live way out here, in a part of the world that hardly counts. But we’ll get to that later. A short re-cap:…

The Centroid of our Universe

In which Jeremy Miller seeks the centroid–or “the mean population center” of the U.S., “a hypothetical and highly mathematical point calculated every ten years as part of the decennial census.” The “center” of our country is a loaded concept–Miller points…

Explore Everything

We’ve discussed before the appeal and complications of ruined and abandoned buildings–but I don’t think any of us have taken things as far as Bradley Garrett, an academic who studies urban explorers–and has become a leader of the movement himself….



Yet another map in which Mississippi looks like the center of a black hole: See the full set of data here.

Missing Love in Walmart

Missing Love in Walmart

What breaks your heart more: that folks in Indiana are having their missed connections “at home,” or that 40 year olds usually miss their connections at strip clubs and porn shops? This map of the most common locations for where…

Checking out the competition… I mean allies

Thought everyone would enjoy These Fifty States, which takes a similar approach to telling stories from around the United States.

50 New States

We’ve written before about how a border–just an imaginary line–can change realities. Politically, especially. Back during election season, Andrew pointed out how those state lines can be skewed. Well, artist Neil Freeman has a novel solution: let’s just make all the states have…