"Down to the Sea." Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Higher Latitudes: Rockwell Kent on Monhegan Island

“Truly I loved that little world, Monhegan.  Small, sea-girt island that it was, a seeming floating speck in the infinitude of the sea and sky, one was as though driven to seek refuge from the impendent cosmic immensity in a…

On Digging In

On Digging In

“I think you can never really do something well unless you’re able to leave it and, you know, have a family and have a home, and have a place that you’re from that you’re really dug in, you know. I…

Photo by Evan Gregg


Sometime last spring, I was driving through northern Minnesota when the road I was on passed over a small waterway. It was an unremarkable little brook lazily worming through the forest, but a sign on the shoulder identified it as…

Photo by Dougtone http://www.flickr.com/photos/dougtone/

Commonwealth: an Audio Tour of Massachusetts

[For the first time this week, our featured story is a piece of audio. The following composition, “Commonwealth,” was written by LTIL contributor Ben Cosgrove while he was at Harvard, and is an auditory depiction of his home state, Massachusetts….

Photo by walknboston http://www.flickr.com/photos/walkn/

A Different Kind of Interstate

I grew up near the Wapack Trail, a modest path through the woods linking Mount Watatic in Ashburnham, MA to North Pack Monadnock in Greenfield, NH.  Throughout my childhood I’d hiked bits of it, grown so accustomed to driving past…