Andrew Lanham in the Los Angeles Review of Books!

In case you missed the news on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, our fearless contributor and favorite Rhodes Scholar  Andrew Lanham got an essay published in the Los Angeles Review of Books yesterday! Its a companion piece to the essay he wrote last month for this very website on how the New Mexico desert reflects Breaking Bad’s amorality — so you heard it here first, sort of!

Congratulations to Andrew on the great piece. Getting a spot in LARB is no small feat, so read this little teaser of his work below, then make sure you check out the essay in full here.

By itself, such an exploration of human mutability would be an admirable artistic project: in a world where we all too easily demonize others because of political, racial and religious differences, we need reminders that everyone has the potential to act monstrously, including ourselves. The radical degree of freedom with which Walt recreates his own identity, however, makes a far deeper claim about what it means to behave badly in the modern world.