Stories about place and identity in America.

land that I live is our literary hobo camp. Here we discuss the cultures, landscapes, and voices of American places that shape our lives — and, in turn, what our lives add to American places. Our stories include personal essays, literary journalism, fiction, poems, and interviews. Each focuses on a specific American place, as local as a street corner or as wide-open as the West, as familiar as home or as foreign as a hostel that makes you long for it.


We’re not publishing any new stories for a while, but check back later if you’ve got something we might like.

Regular Contributors

Paul Bisceglio Paul Bisceglio (founding editor) writes for Pacific Standard in Santa Barbara, California. After Connecticut, Philly, England, New York, and DC, it was time for some sun. Say hi @PaulBisceglio.
Boyce Upholt (founding editor) has worked as a teacher, reporter, and editor. He has lived in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Washington, DC, and currently lives in the Mississippi Delta, where he trains math teachers. He graduated from Haverford College in 2006. He writes personal essays and fiction. Visit him at www.boyceupholt.com.

Andrew Lanham (contributing editor) studies American literature at Oxford University, where he is a Rhodes Scholar. He is ostensibly hard at work on a doctoral dissertation about the way literature incorporates individuals into communities, as portrayed by Cormac McCarthy, Michael Ondaatje, and Toni Morrison. He runs a lot, and watches far too much trashy television.

Ben Cosgrove is a writer and touring composer/performer from central New England, currently based in Cambridge, MA.  His instrumental music takes various geographic subjects as inspiration and he regularly criss-crosses the country performing it.  For more about his work, please visit www.bencosgrove.com.
Mara Miller is associate editor at Women’s Health magazine. She also writes about arts & culture, food, travel, and other miscellany that comes her way. Mara is, for better or for worse, a lifelong Pennyslvanian. Visit her a www.theeffecteffect.com.
Garrett Dash Nelson grew up in New Hampshire and has lived in Massachusetts, Albania, England, and Wisconsin. He is currently building a canoe in his basement. Visit him at http://viewshed.matinic.us (blog) and http://people.matinic.us/garrett/ (personal website).
Aaron Wolpert grew up on the banks of the Swatara Creek in southcentral Pennsylvania. An early attempt to build a scale model of the solar system in the backyard cornfield failed when it turned out that Pluto belonged on Three Mile Island. He’s now an accidentally permanent transplant to southwestern Ohio, where he teaches Classics at Wright State and sometimes works on his dissertation at the University of Cincinnati.